Why memorize?


Since Ancient times, every society has had people responsible for codifying and communicating the specialized or esoteric knowledge of that group. The knowledge could be medical, scientific, mathematical, and/or religious and could be coded into visual symbols, spoken words, and ceremonies. Most of this information was of vital importance and had to be remembered exactly. The men responsible for memorizing this information, henceforth known as ritualist, studied not only their particular subjects, but also the way memory works. They studied the processes of memory and created useful strategies to help them improve their memories. This allowed ritualist to expand their capabilities, and through training, creativity, and scientific study he developed his skills to a point where he became a living library of esoteric and specialized knowledge. As Masons we continue this Ancient practice of memorizing the secrets of one's craft, an draw upon the same same mythical powers of memory as our Predecessors. training is the Master Key

This training program will fine-tune your memory efforts and make them A) more efficient by helping you identify and eliminate wasteful actions, and B) more effective by providing you with time-tested strategies for speeding up your memory, while increasing the volume of things to memorize. Additional benefits include -

  • Get 24/7 access to the teachings of Masonry, for you to absorb an apply to your labors.
  • Prove proficiency in assigned piece of ritual
  • Avoid embarrassing moments like forgetting your lines during a degree.
  • Earn the right to advance through chairs.