Memory Test

Verbatim Memory Power Worksheet A picture containing object, coin

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Verbatim memory power exercise:

  1. Select one of the passages below – each are around 50 words.
  2. Choose one to memorize.
  3. Set a timer to 15 minutes and begin memorizing.
  4. When you have finished or the timer hits 15 minutes stop memorizing.
  5. Record the time.
  6. Next start the timer again and write down the passage from memory,
  7. Use the below scoring system to score your recall.

Memory Test Passages

1)    There are, then, two kinds of memory: one natural, and the other the product of art. The natural memory is that memory which is imbedded in our minds, born simultaneously with thought. The artificial memory is that memory which is strengthened by a kind of training and system of discipline. (50)

2)    But just as in everything else the merit of natural excellence often rivals acquired learning, and art, in its turn, reinforces and develops the natural advantages, so does it happen in this instance. The natural memory, if a person is endowed with an exceptional one, is often like this artificial memory, (51)

3)     and this artificial memory, in its turn, retains and develops the natural advantages by a method of discipline. Thus, the natural memory must be strengthened by discipline so as to become exceptional, and, on the other hand, this memory provided by discipline requires natural ability. It is neither more nor less true (53)


Most of the time when we score someone on their ritual work, we usually give them a vague percentage based on how we think they did. Professionals utilize special scoring systems to better assess their memory work. No system is perfect, and some are more complex than others. Here is our simple yet powerful lotc verbatim scoring system.

For the passage we wrote from memory we are going to arrange it into a list of word pairs. “Hence, if we are not content with our ready made supply of backgrounds, (13 words)”

Written out in pairs would be:

{ Hence – If }, { if – we }, { we – are }, { are – not }, { not – content }, { content – with }, { with – our }, { our – ready } { ready - made}, { made – supply }, { supply – of }, { of – backgrounds }

As you see every word has the following word as a pair, except for the last word. So you will always have one less pair then words. The list of pairs represents the sequence of words you need to memorize. Missing a word, adding a new word, or saying things out of sequence will affect the type and number of pairs. Your goal is to be accurate on all pairs, which indicates accuracy in recalling ritual word for word.

Scoring Legend

  • For ever pair you remember correctly (+,+), you earn 1 points,
  • If you get one word in a pair correct, but the other word incorrect you get 0 pts, (+,-) or (-,+)
  • If you get both words in a pair incorrect then you get -1 points. (-,-)
  • if you leave off a word, you will not lose a point, but you miss out on two points.

A good ritualist will measure his work so he can plan out how he intends on practicing and where he needs to put most of his focus.